The Movie

Stabat Mater narrates how a kid who dreamt of a normal life becomes a young gangster.

It’s a hard story, essential, dramatic, yet full of funny, ironic and sweet moments. Timeless, like a fairy tale, but in a fully realistic set. It takes place in the beautiful, sneaky and chaotic town of Palermo, but it’s a universal tale.

The 13-year old Riccardo is absorbed by a drug-addicted mother (Maja) and a 9-month old brother (Giulio), to whom he must act like a father. He is prisoner of his own destiny, on the path of crime, in spite of him dreaming of a normal life. To fulfil this dream, Riccardo takes a tough and painful decision, but in the end the only beneficiary is the person chosen as the “sacrificial lamb”: baby Giulio.

On the contrary, Riccardo will end up being victim of himself, defeated by his own destiny.

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